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  • Politics

    As a State Senator for 20 years, Joe Carraro provided a seasoned perspective on political landscapes realizing that he could not accomplish anything without the support of his fellow legislators from both parties across the state. As he learned to listen and ask questions of his fellow senators, Joe brings a unique insider’s view on the real messages politicians convey.

  • Economy
    Joe’s diverse career, from working on Wall Street to delivering pizzas to Main Street, and as Chairman of the Multi billion Dollar Permanent Fund Oversight Committee, equips him with a comprehensive understanding of economic dynamics. Joe leverages this experience to provide practical solutions to economic challenges, as he fights for those in our society who seem to have no one representing them in government, business, or the media. It’s those who are too busy trying to make ends meet, who cannot achieve the power and influence necessary to have their point of view both expressed and implemented. Joe makes sure their voice will be heard.

  • Business
    Having owned Italian restaurants and understanding the struggles of small businesses, Joe is a staunch advocate for the entrepreneurial spirit, and comprehends the influence of big corporations, allowing him to shed light on how their decisions shape economies. He understands the needs of people and the inefficiencies of government and doesn’t just talk about problems, he uses his experiences to help others formulate solutions so that we are able to inform those that govern, that their power is derived from the consent of the governed. THAT’S US!

Paying it forward —Relationships


In 1999 Senator Carraro singularly headed the US response to the Venezuelan Medical Recovery and Disaster Relief effort during the Vargas tragedy in which a reported 30,000+ people were killed,by bringing in doctors and medical personnel from New Mexico with planes given by Conitnental Airilnes filled with supplies including water purification and sleeping units along with the technical support of Los Alamos Laboratories from New Mexico examining containers that he located by helicopter floating in the Carribbean. Carraro then received a commendation from Venezuelan President Chavez, and then a bi-partisan recommendation to be US Ambassador to Venezuela.

A disaster relief team from the United States headed up by New Mexico Senator Joseph Carraro arrived in Venezuela with a medical team and supplies to assess the damage and help those who were displaced. Contact was made with Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico to determine any radioactive activity included in the debris field. Water purification and sleeping units were provided.
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During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Senator Carraro was in Louisiana volunteering, when he was asked to go to a meeting with Louisiana Governor Blanco who explained that all the refineries were shut down and tasked him with getting the gasoline needed to run the generators controlling locks and pumps in New Orleans to prevent further flooding. He contacted President Chavez of Venezuela who immediately sent the gasoline by tanker from their Citgo refinery along with a cargo plane filled with supplies including water purification and sleeping units. Carraro then returned to mopping floors in the emergency trauma center, and eventually was placed in charge of the psychiatric triage in Baton Rouge assisting desperate survivors and first responders. He was then singled out by the Louisiana Legislature in the passing of a resolution in his honor for his response and contribution to those in desperate need.

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It began on Broadway/Off-Broadway in 2016. It’s purpose was to unite a very divided country and was created to entertain while bringing different points of views together to understand how the corruptions of our past evolved to the distractions of our arguments, so the government and corporate world benefits.

It provided a wide range of topics that had continually been updated to reflect up to date news leading to the election of 2020. And then due to the pandemic with theaters closed it was produced as an experiment with cast members being videotaped isolated in their apartments replicating a longer version of their live performances.

Ken Davenport's Theatermakers Studio Presents


CONVERSATIONS is an engaging town hall-type gathering in a bar that examines the current political turmoil and injustice at the hands of big government, and big corporations and a broken political system with greedy elected officials, based on the real-life stories of average Joes and Janes the Senator has encountered.

It’s frantic and fun, quick paced-like a bar with non-stop chatter representing a mix of fervent agendas that is timely, entertaining, current and true. And it’s happening all over the country to average people with differing points of view leading to disagreements and amusing interchanges relevant to our times and written to bring a divided country together.

Ken Davenports Theatermakers Studio | Senator Joseph Carraro
Ken Davenports Theatermakers Studio | Senator Joseph Carraro


Action packed fictional story relating to Human Behavior analysis of detectives and the pedophiles they deal with based on national and international law enforcement experiences.

Fact-filled, fictional account of the dangers of the Internet and WikiLeaks type exposure fraught with terrorists, drug cartels, corrupt bankers, hackers, and an unscrupulous government.

Rom/Com about playwright who writes humorous and educational play about Male Sexuality depicting conversations dealing with men and their relationships as, he gets a lesson on how it’s easier said than done.


Broadway/Off -Broadway production is grounded in Carraro’s background as someone who has uniquely served as an observant Independent Senator.

A Five Act Play providing a comedic and provocative look at Male Sexuality.

A poignant complex investigative story based on the true story of the death of the author’s daughter.