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Close Borders or the White House

The people we elected to office aren’t really interested in closing the borders. They just want and need to stay in office receiving their $174,000 pay and benefits, by following the orders of their leaders. Don’t forget they’re chosen to be the candidates for office by the political parties who pick the ones with the most money, name id and loyalty to the party., not loyalty to our country or us or dedicated to solving our problems.

Open Borders

Open borders– closed future It all started after 9/11 with the faulty decisions made in the establishment of the department of homeland security. Our open borders will lead to the end of our country with the blame squarely on the president with the support of the democrat party members who don’t utter a word about it and the treasonous mainstream media.

Conversations About Hunter

Russia/Ukraine war caused by complicity of our government and the distractions and control caused by our mainstream media protecting Biden, similar to the Russian media which just parrots and protects Putin.

Age vs Competency

We need to examine how age is substituted for competency using the cognitive capabilities of governor bill richardson and president bill clinton as examples. 

What It’s Like For Some Veterans On Veterans Day

Senator Joe talks about what some veterans feel on Veteran’s day. Some of these men and women chose this path to for love of country and those people aren’t always comfortable with the attention given to them during veteran’s day.